Our Grill

At the Arthur J we believe in the time-honored tradition of live wood cooking our steaks over a hot fire and smoking embers. 
This is why we had our wood fire grill custom made by J&R; manufacturing in Mesquite Texas; because like us they believe that the interaction between great meat and a live fire of wood has defined our past and is at the heart of what we do.

Wood fire cooking was born in the wild hundreds of years ago. Since then, cavemen, cattle drivers, pit masters and a select group professional chefs have learned the prideful tradition of meats smoked for long hours over smoldering logs take on incredible flavor.

Our steaks at The Arthur J are faithful to the authentic ideals of long, lazy cooking with wood and smoke. Holding true to old time flavor.

The Bungalow Private Dining

Elevate Your Next Celebration by Creating a Unique and Unparalleled Dining Experience – in Our Bungalow, Poolhouse or the entire Clubhouse.