Oscietra Caviar Service To-Go


Enjoy the Best of The Arthur J with Our New In-Home Oscietra Caviar Service. Whether celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in the best life has to offer, we’ve combined all the elements of a luxurious caviar service with your night in mind.


Included in The Arthur J Oscietra Caviar Service:

  • 1 oz. Royal Golden Oscietra Caviar

and all the accoutrements:

  • Buckwheat Blinis
  • Pommes Gaufrettes
  • Créme Fraîche
  • Sieved Egg
  • Red Onion
  • Chive


Dim the lights, turn up your favorite playlist, chill the vodka or pop a bottle of Champagne: you are now the host of your very own Arthur J! Oscietra Caviar Service To-Go is available for pick-up nightly from 2-5pm.

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